About us


The principal activities of the company are the development, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the road electronics system, telematics and LED lighting. The development projects aim to create a new generation of products and services adapted to autonomous operation, without using local infrastructure. The advantages of the new generation are the independence of the local power supply source, suitability for wireless data transmission via broadband networks, as well as the flexibility in terms of choosing the components of installed equipment. We anticipate placement of most products on the Croatian market and the markets of Southeast Europe. When it comes to the business activities, the company has especially been dedicated to quality control and maintenance, and has introduced an operating system which is in accordance with the norm ISO 9001.


The vision of the Company is to create innovative products, which would be based on the development of new system components, along with the original algorithmic and software solutions. Flexibility, quality and economic acceptability are the main characteristics of the products. Our vision for further development of the company is creating a distinguishing company in the field of intelligent transport systems, road telematics systems and road LED lighting, as well as to operate on a local and regional level within the growing construction sector in Croatia.


The goal of the Company is to develop and produce a new generations of devices and systems of road technology and to restructure its operations by making a transition from the field of engineering services into a research and development centre for new technologies. This program would capitalise on current knowledge and experience, and form a basis for future monitoring of trends of development in the new technologies in this technical field.

Area of ​​operation

In addition to our extensive experience in working with road electronics and telematics, we also possess knowledge in the following areas: digital image analysis and processing (stereo and omnidirectional vision, recognition and tracking of objects), the application of genetic and neuro-fuzzy algorithms, measurements of thermal profiles, designing and programming  of built-in computer systems and FPGA hardware and the development of applications for system monitoring and control (SCADA).