LED Elektronika’s sales program consists of a range of hardware electronic devices and software support. Product features follow the company’s vision regarding the performance, flexibility, quality and economic sustainability. Continuous development and optimization enables us to offer products with cutting edge tehnologies and, in the same time, price competitive on the global market.



enQMS – queue management system

enQMS system for queue management is envisioned and designed to reduce queues and improve customer service.



eNvision  system is a high-end software platform for the collection, processing, and analysis of data and remote control which enables integration of various software and hardware components into a single supervisory control system.


Surveillance and tracking security system

The system of detection and tracking of objects in the coastal area is based on the integration of a set of sensors whose role is to detect and track objects and inform the command, communication and control headquarters of the critical infrastructure.


Meteorological Information System

The system includes automatic weather stations, variable light signals, communication subsystem for data transmission and the central subsystem for data collection and processing.


PrecisionLeap – the Smart City platform

PrecisionLeap is the Smart City software platform designed for remote control and monitoring of public lighting, maintenace management, energy consumption tracking, reporting and analysis, and with the ability to integrate various types of additional sensors.

Road Infrastructure

promjenjiva prometna signaliuzacija2


Variable traffic signs are signs whose content can vary or which can be turned off in accordance with the needs of the traffic flow.

mjerač brzine


Operation of the device is based on a system that consists of 1+2 7-segmented LED displays with a large format, font size up to 44 cm, the radar speed detection, control electronics and additional equipment.



The road weather station CMP 5.0 is a system for the collection and analysis of meteorological data and the data of the condition of the roadway surface for the purpose of monitoring the weather and road conditions as well as the management of traffic signs. It can be independent or included in the network of […]



Inductive traffic counters are used for presence detection, counting and classification of vehicles and speed measure- ment. Using two inductive loops in the lane detects the speed, length and the direction of passing vehicles. Based on the magnetic vehicle fingerprint, vehicles are classified in 8+1 vehicle categories. The basic version of the traffic counters covers two traffic lanes and is appropriate for the level of national roads. The concept of the device enables the extension of counting up to 32 lanes, and the device is also suitable for large intersections. The device supports three modes of operation with regard to the establishment of communication.

LED lighting


Precision Lux1

The PrecisionLux1 LED lamp series is intended for lightning residential urban neighborhoods, rural areas and roads with low traffic density. Typically with power ranging from 30W to 60W, it substitutes HPS 70W and 150W power lamps and older 250W installations.


Precision Lux2

The PrecisionLux 2 LED lamp series is intended for lighting urban neighborhoods, roads and streets with medium traffic density and medium pole height (8-12m). Typically with power ranging from 70W to 125W , it substitutes HPS 150W – 250W power lamps.


Precison Lux 3

The PrecisionLux3 LED lamp series is intended for lighting roads and streets with medium to high traffic density and poles over 10m high. Typically with power ranging from 140W to 200W , it substitutes 250W – 400W power HPS lamps.