LED lighting

In order to monitor the current and future local and regional projects, LED Electronics has developed and certified a group of high-quality LED lamps called PrecisionLux ™ with a range of powers and sizes that covers any situation from the busiest highway to secondary roads, trails and parks.

With their compact and discreet design, PrecisionLux ™ lamps fit into any environment, and with their quality deeply woven into the entire product with reasonable price, they provide investors a great opportunity to achieve cost savings while reducing the harmful impact on the environment and improving the aesthetic impression of the lighting installation.The lamps are equipped with the latest generation of LEDs with a very high efficiency and a warm and pleasant light color (2700K), which was not achievable with LED technology until now. In addition to the pleasant color, the lamps also achieve a color recognition index (CRI) of at least 80, which results in a significant increase in object recognition with the same photometric parameters compared to traditional lighting technology or last generation LED technology.The Luminous flux is precisely controlled by second generation lenses, which are also used to achieve very precise alignment of light in a desired distribution and a soft border (transition) between illuminated and unlit areas. The smart optical system provides a full cutoff characteristic that completely eliminates light in the upper hemisphere and makes the lamp 100% compliant with regulations on light pollution (  ”Darkskyfriendly”  ).  By using a dedicated light distribution in accordance with the requirements and needs of individual projects we can achieve excellent illumination characteristics with a fully horizontal position of the lamp.

The savings potential for the investors and public lighting operators are quite significant, and the possibilities of financing ecological and energy efficient projects are diverse. The key factor in the quick return on investment is the quality and reliability of the inbuilt lamps based on the new LED technology.


Precision Lux1

The PrecisionLux1 LED lamp series is intended for lightning residential urban neighborhoods, rural areas and roads with low traffic density. Typically with power ranging from 30W to 60W, it substitutes HPS 70W and 150W power lamps and older 250W installations.

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Precision Lux2

The PrecisionLux 2 LED lamp series is intended for lighting urban neighborhoods, roads and streets with medium traffic density and medium pole height (8-12m). Typically with power ranging from 70W to 125W , it substitutes HPS 150W – 250W power lamps.

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Precison Lux 3

The PrecisionLux3 LED lamp series is intended for lighting roads and streets with medium to high traffic density and poles over 10m high. Typically with power ranging from 140W to 200W , it substitutes 250W – 400W power HPS lamps.

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