Gripe Sports Center has new inteligent LED lighting

03.04.2018 News

We are proud to announce that the project for the reconstruction of the lighting and installation of the remote control and lighting control system in the Gripe Sports Center building in Split has been successfully completed. By replacing old lighting fixtures and reflectors, electricity consumption has been reduced several times, and electricity costs for customers decreased by 85% compared to the current situation. It is a lamp that is characterized by high efficiency and high quality of production, but also with a precision optic that fully directs the produced light flux, optimally illuminating the default spaces (halls, offices, corridors, storage, etc.) and without unnecessary light scattering. They are certified and fully compliant with European and world standards and regulations. In addition, the controllability and oscillation of the lamps is achieved through the installation of control-communication controllers, so the lighting can be controlled and monitored remotely. This is achieved by integrating the PrecisionLux hardware infrastructure with SCADA PrecisionLeap software through network infrastructure and using the industry standard ModBus. The PrecisionLeap remote control and lighting control system allows the operator to directly control the operation of an individual or group of reflectors (engagement, lighting intensity) or setting predefined regime, thereby adjusting the lighting level depending on the type and importance of the event in the hall. Predefined lighting levels (regimes) are designed according to HRN EN 12193 for each sport and for each individual class of competition, from recreational to international significance.

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