Participation in the Living Lab Koprivnica project

13.03.2019 News

We are proud to announce that the LED electronica participated in the project “Living Lab Koprivnica” and in the opening ceremony of the project on March 12 2019.

In city of Koprivnica vital area, scientists, public lighting companies, public sector and citizens are working together on new solutions for even more efficient energy management system. With primal goal of energy savings achieved using LED public lighting, Living Lab will enable the application of modern technology and develop varying solutions.

LED electronica has been actively involved as a LED lighting manufacturer and has installed its PrecisionLux 2 luminaire which has provided a wide range of applications with its modularity, always delivering high quality, efficiency and reliability, and a solution with a combination of multiple lenses on the same luminaire, where the lens concept itself was created by mathematical models within the company, which was later confirmed by laboratory and field measurements. Such a solution enables the installation of a smaller number of luminaires for the same surface coverage while retaining average illumination and uniformity. In addition, PrecisionLux 2 luminaires on a larger test field are equipped with a standard NEMA socket, enabling future mounting of various types of sensors and controllers of our own or third-party production, thus creating a smart node within the public lighting network.
More information about the project can be found here.