Precison Lux 3

The PrecisionLux3 LED lamp series is intended for lighting roads and streets with medium to high traffic density and poles over 10m high. Typically with power ranging from 140W to 200W , it substitutes 250W – 400W power HPS lamps.



With its compact and understated design, PrecisionLux3 fits into any environment. Its quality, which is carefully incorporated into the whole product, and the reasonable price offer an excellent opportunity for savings, at the same time reducing environmental effects and improving the aesthetic impression of the lighting installation.

The PrecisionLux 3 lamps are equipped with the newest generation of high efficiency LED, with warm and pleasant color of light (2700K), which has so far been absent from the LED technology. Along with the pleasant color, the lamps achieve the color recognition index of at least 80, which results in significant increase of object discernibility at the same photometric parameters in relation to the classic lighting technology or older generation LED technology.

The light is controlled with great precision by second generation lenses, which provide very precise light focus into the desired distribution and at the same time achieve a soft boundary between lit and non-lit areas.
The advanced optical system offers the full cutoff feature, which completely eliminates light in the upper hemisphere and makes the lamp 100% compliant with the light pollution directive (“dark sky friendly”).

By using adequate light distribution according to the physical features of the lit area, excellent lighting features are achieved with completely horizontal position of the lamp.

Technical characteristics
Degree of protection for dust and water: IP 66
Impact resistance: IK 09
Power supply: 100 – 250V AC, 50Hz
Active power factor correction, cos φ: >0,95
LED module efficiency: >90 lm/W
AC/DC supply efficiency: >90%
Power range: 140 – 200W
Operating temperature: -30 do + 50 °C
Durability: ~100 000 working hours
Housing material: Al alloy
Housing production technology: Casting
LED module cooller: Ribbed, integrated into the housing
Pipe juncture: 4 M8 bolt to 58 – 70 mm pipe
Weight: 12 kg
Color: RAL9006 (gray), other colors per request
Regulation: Optionally, with built-in regulation module
Regulation options: Timer or RF control
Certificate: CE(link), ENEC (link), RoHS
Key advantages
  • Highest qualitiy key components from the most reliable world-renowned manufactures
  • Affordable price
  • Country of origin-Croatian
  • Warm color (low temperature) with flexible and extremely precise light distribution
  • Wide selection of powers with the possibillity to regulate intensity in two ways
  • Simple plug&play modular performanse and easy access to all parts