PrecisionLeap – the Smart City platform

PrecisionLeap is the Smart City software platform designed for remote control and monitoring of public lighting, maintenace management, energy consumption tracking, reporting and analysis, and with the ability to integrate various types of additional sensors. It offers a complete turnkey solution for cities and local municipaties.

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The system for monitoring and management of LED lighting provides a simple and intuitive realtime lighting control. It is possible to manage a group of lighting fixtures or individual lamps by adjusting the intensity and time intervals of their operation. The interconnection of lighting fixtures in a network allows addressing, acquiring status and detecting failures of each unit in the lighting network. By adjusting the intensity and time intervals in the operation, the system allows significant savings in the area of ​​street and road lighting and rapid return on investment.

Lighting management system is based on networked lamps which allows remote supervision and control of each lamp. It is possible to adjust the mode and intensity (0-100%) of each lamp.

Modes of operation:

  • Scheduled- predefined times for turning on / off / changes in intensity for each day of the year
  • Automatic – Luxmeter built into the lamp
  • Manual – remote control

The developed system is based on our eNnvision application platform.