Variable traffic signs are signs whose content can vary or which can be turned off in accordance with the needs of the traffic flow. Variable traffic signs do not necessarily have to be related to the meteorological system. They can be independent, set in dangerous places (black spots!), for the purpose of protection of pedestrian crossings near schools, etc. The device can be connected to the central control and monitoring system based on the eNvision™ aplication platform.

Technical characteristics

• model range covers the symbol needs
• housing and and front sign cover made from AlMg3, plastic coating
• light symbols on signs derived in accordance with HRN 1120 standard
• brightness and angle of radiation in accordance with HRN EN 12966-1:2007 classes B3 or B5
• degree of mechanical protection of sign housing: IP 45 (Class P1 in accordance with HRN EN 12966-1:2007) or better
• reliable operation within temperature ranges from -40°C, to + 70°C
• adjusting LED brightness according to the surrounding lighting (decreasing to low intensity in the dark)
• power supply via solar panel or via power grid 230VAC
• optional doppler radar speed detector that triggers the display of symbols on the sign
• custom made bracket according to the needs of the client