Traffic Data Acquisition and Analysis System

Counting traffic enables a systematic collection of data on traffic load and the structure of traffic flow (the structure of traffic flow by type of vehicle) and the traffic fluctuations in space and time on the road network. Basic information about traffic on the roads are the result of analysis by counting the collected and subsequently processed data. These findings are a necessary condition for the development and implementation of an effective traffic policy. Without accurate data on the traffic flows in the road network, it is impossible to imagine an economic and technically rational management of the road traffic system.

In the past three decades, a rich fund of information has been created about the traffic load of the road network in the Republic of Croatia, especially on the basis of automatic counters, which allows for a variety of research in relation to the methodology and development of forecasting models, traffic trends and other fields. Since the beginning of a systematic counting of traffic in our country, it is being constantly developed. The development of the road and the entire traffic system requires high-quality traffic information, which imposes the need for a continuous expansion and improvement of the traffic counting system.

The developed system is based on the eNnvision application platform which includes the following modules:





The purpose of the system is continuously collecting data from automatic traffic counters, central processing and distribution and presentation of current and archived information to the system users.

The system provides via the integration of the above modules the following functions:

  • Reporting failures and states of emergency
  • Analysis and development of statistical calculations specific for traffic flows
  • Viewing geo-referenced data in real time
  • Spatial data analysis
  • The analysis of the interdependence among traffic flows
  • Configuration and remote control depending on user rights