Precision Leap

  • The PrecisionLeap loT™ platform is a unique software solution for monitoring and managing the smart city ecosystem, allowing all loT devices in one city to connect to one central location.



Designed as a plug & play solution, the platform allows the user to easily add new devices and programme modules and provides in-depth insight so that they can monitor all critical points in the ecosystem and react promptly to situations that arise.

Through its intuitive and responsive user interface, it provides quick and easy access to the system operator, which significantly shortens the period of adjustment and training for the use of the system as a whole. Primarily designed to monitor and manage public street lighting, the system has also become the foundation for connecting other smart devices within smart cities.

It supports a wide range of communication technologies and the ability to integrate third-party smart devices to create a complete and unique smart city monitoring and management system.

It allows the user to create a mathematical or behavioural model of a smart city system (such as energy system, traffic system, weather system) on multiple abstract levels that is used to estimate future system states and indicator extraction (KPI). Based on this data, the operator receives a recommendation of an optimal control algorithm for each smart city system. Through the automatic operation module, the platform also offers built-in security algorithms for pre-known traffic situations, such as congestion, weather conditions or traffic accidents.


Monitoring and Management

Two-way real-time monitoring and management of each loT component of the system ensure that all information available to the operator is accurate and current and that the operator’s actions in the system are accurate and instant.

Display and search of spatial data (devices) on the map greatly facilitate navigation, while tabular and graphical representations give a clear presentation of the collected data. The layered display of spatial data allows the user to highlight more important data with one click, or filter less important data, which significantly improves the user experience.


Maintenance Management

Following the process of fault development, from the moment of occurrence, through reporting the fault until the moment the fault is eliminated, the system enables instant notification of relevant persons (service technician, operator, citizens), which drastically shortens the repair time and significantly reduces maintenance costs. The collected data offer the possibility of analysing the causes and consequences of faults in order to identify and prevent major problems in the system (preventive maintenance).

Cost Tracking

Monitoring energy consumption and maintenance costs in one place provides in-depth insight into the financial costs of running a smart city. By correlating the costs of the investment with the savings achieved, it is possible to calculate the coverage point and other indicators of the financial viability of the investment. All collected information is in one place, which guarantees transparency and easy export of data.

Reporting and Analysis

Tabular and graphical display with the ability to sort and filter data greatly facilitate the analysis and processing of all relevant data and preparation of reports. Reports can be generated automatically and sent periodically or by event via standard communication services (SMS, e-mail). Real-time notification of relevant persons ensures transparency and responsible business management within a smart city.


The only prerequisite for integrating a device into the PrecisionLeap loT™ platform is the device being able to support at least one of the standard communication technologies. We are currently expanding our support for a number of other standard industry protocols, primarily related to measuring and control computing devices (PLCs) and proprietary protocols of our users.

System Architecture

The core of the PrecisionLeap system consists of PrecisionBee control communication modules that are built into end devices and enable two-way real-time communication, giving the operator complete control and supervision of the environment. PrecisionBee modules operate within the mesh network structure, which results in redundant communication between nodes that ensures the smooth operation of the system during a fault in one of the modules in the network. The devices are grouped into segments, each segment being assigned a PrecisionLink module that coordinates and locally monitors and manages them in the event of a loss of communication with the control centre. The role of the PrecisionLeap Server is to collect, analyse and archive data and manage the system – automatically through predefined modes of operation or manually by a trained operator. The PrecisionLeap client application is an intuitive and responsive web application designed for the Smart City system operator to access the PrecisionLeap platform. It supports multiple types of user profiles with different levels of access by two-factor security authentication.

Achieving Additional Savings

Application of the PrecisionLeap platform in public street lighting → by installing additional PrecisionDimm control communication modules in lights, it is possible to achieve significant additional savings in electricity consumption – up to 40%. The PrecisionDimm module allows autonomous switching between programmed operating modes, depending on the time of night. The duration of the night is calculated automatically based on the times the lights are switched on and off, using an adaptive algorithm, which ensures the independence of the control algorithm from the seasons.

e PrecisionLeap

Through multi-OS support using the PrecisionLeap loT™ platform, you can always be connected to your smart city and really have complete control in the palm of your hand or desktop. Managing a smart city has never been easier and faster.