Precision X

  • The PrecisionX SCADA application is a software solution that enables intelligent traffic management. This software tool is intended for operators and staff of the Centre for Traffic Management and Control (COKP).





The application allows users to easily monitor and manage traffic, and at the same time, ensure the quality of traffic and safety of all traffic participants. The application is designed to be fully tailored to the end user and its use is highly intuitive. The user interface can be displayed on one or more monitors – depending on the needs of the user. All data from road devices is processed and integrated into the application and allows users to take prompt and appropriate actions.


User Interface

Main functionalities of the PrecisionX user interface:

– Organised display of devices and objects – PrecisionX user interface with a layered structure of devices and facilities allows the user to have a detailed view of the entire system and relevant information, but also the ability to display a detailed individual subsystem

– Event overview – the system is created in a way that monitors and records all events related to system equipment and allows the user to view a detailed report of these events

– Alarm system management – the user can manage all alarms according to needs and requirements

– Traffic sign management – the system allows the user to manage traffic signs according to needs and requirements

– Lighting and ventilation control – the user can adjust the lighting and ventilation if necessary


The interface provides the user with a detailed visualisation of the monitored road, giving the user an overview of all the equipment located on that road. Anything that is not relevant to the user (e.g. road sections and equipment) is shown concisely. The road display shows all the devices on that section as icons. Each device can be accessed with the click of a mouse, which opens a window with several tabs offering details about the device and the ability to control the device.

Alarm System

Alarms in the system allow continuous road monitoring. When an event causes an alarm, the user’s attention is drawn to various visual and audible signals.


The PrecisionX application allows the user to view historical events in the system and allows the export of this data in various formats.

Using the PrecisionX SCADA application, you can have complete control over a section. Intelligent traffic management has never been easier and faster.