PrecisionLux T™

  • Power supply / Efficiency: 100-240VAC, 50Hz / >90%
  • Total power (W): 120
  • Power factor: >0.95
  • Efficacy (lm/W): 120
  • Luminous flux (lm): 7330
  • Light temperature / CRI: 2700-4500K / >80 (depends on light colour)
  • Operating temperature (°C): -30°C to +45°C
  • Cover/Housing: 4 mm thick polycarbonate or 5 mm thick tempered glass / Aluminium alloy
  • Weight/Dimensions (LxWxH): max. 16kg/795x307x204mm
  • Light socket diameter: Via the built-in console
  • Certificate: CE (LVD and EMC), ENEC, IP66, IK09


PrecisionLux T is the ideal choice for modern tunnel lighting. It consists of a robust design with a service life of over 100,000 hours and a wide power range (20-240W) with dynamic regulation of luminous flux intensity. It is 100% environmentally friendly, does not contain environmentally harmful substances, and also has significantly reduced energy consumption with excellent light distribution compared to conventional lighting. PrecisionLux T offers the ability to communicate and connect to the PrecisionLeap system which enables the lighting to be controlled and monitored remotely.


To install the light, first remove the upper part of the housing (LED cooler) by unscrewing the M6 screws on the upper side of the light. Carefully hold the cover to prevent it from falling out.
Thread the power cord through the tube carrying the light and insert it into the light through the fitting at the rear end of the light. The permissible outside diameter of the cable is in the range of 8-13mm. The dimension of the fitting is M20.
The standard cable for powering the light is NYY (PP00), as follows:
– 3×1.5mm2 in class I electrical protection
– 2×1.5mm2 in class II electrical protection.
Tighten the fitting sufficiently to prevent the cable from moving when pulling by hand.
After the cable is threaded through, the L, N and PE (GND) lines must be connected to the marked L, N and PE (GND) terminals inside the housing. In the case of a class II electrical protection light, it is sufficient to connect lines L and N. The terminals are spring type and are designed for tool-free connection.
Return the cover to the bearing and press it against the seal with reasonable force (approx. 20N). Tighten the 4 M6 cover fastening screws with 1.5Nm torque and continuous hand pressure on the cover to ensure the best sealing of the cover. The light can be mounted on a pole or on walls and facades via a suitable adapter/bracket.
Different types of decorative brackets are available, ensuring the light and the pole can be integrated aesthetically.


1. In the event of a malfunction or any fault with the light, contact the manufacturer or a service technician.
2. In accordance with the EN 62778 standard, the PrecisionLux series of street lights belongs to Product Group 1 (Risk group 1).
3. The light source (LED module) of the light can be serviced (replaced) only by the manufacturer, an authorised service technician or other professionals authorised by the manufacturer.
4. Installation and maintenance of the PrecisionLux series of lights is only permitted by trained personnel or electricians authorised by the manufacturer. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in serious injury or death.
5. Any modification to the light beyond the installation instructions is strictly prohibited. Failure to do so will void the warranty.
6. Opening the lights in any case outside the prescribed maintenance voids the warranty and is not recommended.